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Episode 2.3 To The Last Man

 My thoughts on the episode. I was fighting back the tears at the end, the same as when I watched "Out of Time". I notice that today's Metro paper gave this episode a four star review, and it's right. When they put the characters first, Torchwood packs quite a wallop.

Naoko and Anthony were brilliant at conveying the doomed romance. It was sweet, and funny, especially when he called her a "daft lass". Sorry, but I'm from the North West of England and loved the accent and his natural expressions. Wouldn't you like to see a scene in a later episode of Tosh reading the Spanish language book or playing a few notes on a piano?

Jack/Ianto has moved on quite a bit from 1.12 hasn't it? No I haven't worn out the tape replaying it, but once I've dubbed it I will be burning a hole in my DVD-R at some point! *g*It's nice that Ianto kissed Jack and not the other way round. Jack says he doesn't know where home is anymore, but deep down I think he knows the truth of the old saying.... home is where the heart is.

The Torchwood 1918 team members were fun, although you wish that they had a bit more interaction with Tosh. I liked the moment when they were walking 1918 Tommy out of the ward as 2008 Tommy was walking in. Gerald looks round and it's as if he's checking to see it's working.

The Iraq news report on the  TV in the bar showed that there's always a war somewhere without labouring the point. This was a romance, not a polemic, and I thought it was nicely judged.

Anyway, that's my five cents' worth.
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